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WIETA and SIZA have reached an agreement with regards to the mutual recognition of ethical audits which will allow for a producer, packer or winery to have a single audit that will be recognised by all retailers and remove the potential for duplication of audits.  Producers, packers and wineries can please take note of the following:

  • In 2013 WIETA will aim to complete the Global Social Compliance Programme Equivalence Process (currently completed by SIZA), an international benchmarking process that will allow for mutual recognition of the SIZA and WIETA Standards and audits amongst international and local retailers.
  • In the meantime, Producers, packers and/or wineries  can choose to do a WIETA or SIZA–based audit but must note that until WIETA has undergone the GSCP Equivalence process SIZA cannot guarantee acceptance of the WIETA audit by international and local retailers who currently recognise SIZA.
  • For purposes of WIETA certification as required by wine industry customers:
    • Audits undertaken by SIZA members and certified by WIETA will need to be undertaken within a three year or less cycle, to be certified by WIETA;
    • WIETA will conduct site spot-checks to verify corrective actions of SIZA members who have completed a SIZA audit and are seeking WIETA certification;
    • The cost of this can be recovered from Vinpro which has agreed to extend its subsidy of R2 500 to SIZA members who hold Vinpro membership and who can produce a valid WIETA certificate to qualify for the subsidy.
  • WIETA will become a member of SIZA in order to monitor SIZA members who also require WIETA certification


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