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General membership


In joining the association, all members agree to be bound by the constitution of the association, and agree to abide by and to support WIETA's aims and objectives.

We hope that all members will maintain a continued interest in the working of the association; will provide input and make recommendations on best practice in implementing the code and into the effective working of the association; and, where applicable, will nominate and elect members from their membership category to represent their interests onto the WIETA Board.

Accreditation fees

Fees will vary depending on the size of the workplace, the number of assessors involved and the period of the audit (eg, two days instead of one).

Accreditation with WIETA costs in the region of R12 000 including training and support, exclusive of VAT. WIETA is looking to developing a sliding scale to assist members to audit their supply chain to grower level at a more affordable rate. Details on this can be obtained from the WIETA office, should you be interested in getting your supply chain audited and to discuss a more affordable rate
The member will be responsible for payments of these costs, and the travel and accommodation costs where required, in conducting each audit.

Download the WIETA Membership Information and Fees (English)

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