Ethical trade in action


WIETA organises regular awareness and training workshops on ethical trade, labour and occupational health and safety compliance. These sessions include the WIETA Code of Conduct and how it can assist you to improve and sustain good labour conditions and worker wellbeing at your site.

"My team and I have been very impressed with the programme as well as with the facilitators. The programme also helped me as the owner to confront challenges with my team in a safe and positive environment. The motivation and commitment from my team has definitely lifted! I am extremely grateful and feel motivated as we prepare for the WIETA audit."
- Richard Newton-King, Kings Kloof Vineyards


WIETA's Code of Conduct requires members to inform their suppliers of the content and requirements of the code. WIETA's engagement with the wine industry has led to an agreement that the need to consolidate the wine supply chain will require considerable support going forward.

We believe that we assist workplaces as much as possible administratively to identify gaps and provide them, for example, with policies that they can use and references from the WIETA audit support documentation. read more


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