WIETA training programmes

WIETA organises regular awareness and training workshops on ethical trade, labour and occupational health and safety compliance. These sessions include the WIETA Code of Conduct and how it can assist you to improve and sustain good labour conditions and worker wellbeing at your site.

       The WIETA Compliance Training Programme consists of a one-day interactive workshop, aimed at building a solid understanding of ethical trade in the South African wine industry. It is designed for producers, growers and their senior staff who are responsible for the implementation of codes of practice, quality management and assessment management. Union officials and NGO representatives who promote ethical trade can also participate in this.

Application for registration to participate in training: info@wieta.org.za


       The Worker Rights Training Programme is designed for workers in the agricultural sector. It consists of a half-day session designed to give workers an overall understanding of worker rights and the legislation that guarantees those rights, and explores what workers can do to achieve those rights. The session also focuses on workplace codes such as the ETI and WIETA codes and how they can be effectively used to secure worker rights.

To arrange a session at your premises, contact info@wieta.org.za


       The Labour Management Systems Workshop is a half-day training session aimed at assisting wine producers and grape growers in implementing better practice working conditions as regulated by the Labour Relations Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act and the requirements as set out in the Sectoral Determination for Farm Workers. The workshop seeks to emphasise particular tools and systems which administrators, HR managers and personnel in the wine industry supply chain can implement at their workplace.

To arrange a session in your region or at your premises, contact info@wieta.org.za


       The Health and Safety Compliance and Management Systems Training is a supply chain awareness programme targeting those interested. This programme comprises a one-day off-site training workshop on health and safety management systems. The workshop seeks to emphasise particular tools and systems which compliance officers, safety managers or safety representatives in your supply chain can implement at their workplace.

For more information or to book a workshop, contact info@wieta.org.za



Managing Diversity / Promoting Equal Opportunity – WIETA is partnering with the ETI and its members on a manager/supervisor training programme. The training programme was successfully piloted in Kenya, and the ETI are keen to roll out the programme in the UK and SA. The training is funded by Comic Relief. The programme will assist farm/winery managers and their supervisors to better understand their respective roles in promoting and protecting workers rights, and in particular address areas of common concern around discrimination and sexual harassment.

The training comprises a two-day workshop for managers and their supervisors/team leaders and a one-day workshop for workers.

For more information on the Managing Diversity Training Programme, contact desmilene@wieta.org.za

Diversity Brochure

Diversity Extract from Training Manual

Diversiteit Uitreksel uit Opleidingshandboek