WIETA certified fair labour practice wines


WIETA ethical seal

Launched in May 2012, the ethical seal testifies to reasonable working conditions, based on rigorous and closely monitored qualification criteria. This is believed to be a world-first among wine-producing countries.

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WIETA certified wines

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WIETA certified fair labour practice wine

How to get your wine 'fair labour' certified

Before the applicant can apply for the use of the WIETA seal on a bottle of wine, a traceability exercise through SAWIS needs to be undertaken by WIETA to ensure that all grape and wine suppliers to the application have undertaken the necessary requirements for recognition by WIETA as an ethically certified site.

All wine producers and grape growers contributing to the production of the wine to be approved for the use of the WIETA seal need to undergo the following steps:

Step 1

  1. Become an active member of WIETA.
  2. Complete a Self-Assessment Questionnaire.
  3. Participate in a WIETA Compliance Awareness Workshop.

Step 2

  1. Complete the pre-audit information form and send it back to WIETA for booking an audit date.
  2. Undertake a site inspection (audit).
  3. Complete an improvement plan (on paper without implementation) within one month of the audit).
  4. Submit improvement plan to WIETA Accreditation Committee for sign off.

Step 3

  1. Update your improvement plan and reference to all corrective actions having been taken on site and submit to WIETA within four months of audit.
  2. Send through all evidence in support of the corrective actions taken to WIETA for review and certification.

Seal approval
All your producers and the cellar need to have completed their audits (Step 2) and handed in an improvement plan (without evidence of corrective actions).

60% of your producers need to have been formally certified (all corrective actions and evidence of improvements signed off by WIETA – Step 3) and the rest (40%) need to have completed an audit for you to become eligible for the seal on a particular wine.

Applicants are required to provide their WS and WSB numbers for the particular Wine application requiring the seal along with their SAWIS numbers.

Upon approval, the applicant will be sent the necessary SEAL Specifications Document as well as details as to where to have the SEAL labels printed should this not be incorporated into the brand label on the bottle.

Applications can be obtained from Andrea at admin@wieta.org.za or click onĀ 

Application for traceability
WIETA Code violation